NEPPA Hatchery and The Pasture
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Welcome to NEPPA Hatchery
Welcome to the NEPPA Hatchery website! Our hatchery is located in New York's Mohawk Valley. Our main goal is to provide you with healthy, hearty chicks in a timely manner. Because of our central location between Albany and Syracuse, we can ship to your post office every Wednesday with arrival on the next day to locations within 200 miles from us.

We also offer the option of picking up at the hatchery itself, saving you the price of shipping and the stress of mail handling for the chicks as well as giving us the opportunity to meet you. Our customers of the past fourteen years have noticed that the chicks tend to be less stressed when they spend less time traveling through the mail system.
NEPPA Hatchery ®  660 Fordsbush Road, Fort Plain, NY  13339
About NEPPA Hatchery
About twenty years ago, a group of pastured poultry producers gathered to form what would become the Northeast Pastured Poultry Association (NEPPA). They were looking for a way to process the chickens they were raising in an efficient manner. They were able to obtain a loan with the aid of the Resource, Conservation, and Development Council (R,C, & D) from Heifer International to build a mobile processing unit. This unit would provide pastured poultry producers with the means to process birds on their farms without each one of them having to go to the expense of buying the equipment themselves, especially if they were just starting out and deciding whether home processing was the route they wanted to take.

The producers were able to schedule processing days and helped to maintain the unit by paying a small price for each bird they processed. The association also provided educational meetings and advice for those who were interested in becoming producers themselves. The unit proved to be a useful tool, but after about eight years, the need for it diminished. Producers who began growing birds on a larger scale bought their own equipment or took their birds to a state inspected facility. Smaller producers either bought or made their own equipment or shared processing with their neighboring producers. 

As a further extension of the association. the members of NEPPA researched the feasibility of starting a local hatchery, which could supply locally hatched broiler chicks to producers. NEPPA asked us whether we would be interested in managing the hatchery, and so began our journey into the world of incubation and hatching of chicks. That was fifteen years ago, and today we are now the owners of the hatchery, with our numbers growing every year. Our customers have told us that we provide them with excellent service and healthy chicks as well as good advice about the raising of the birds. We would be pleased to have you experience this service from our small family-run business.

Pictured on left: outside front of hatchery building

Pictured on right:  New incubator made by Ken from used parts; trolley holding eggs ready to be rolled into machine
Ken loading hatching basket full of eggs into hatching trolley.
Jill holding newly hatched chick.